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“I started using Lifecycle Pest Control fifteen years ago when we purchased our new home and was a very wise decision. Ira Roth, who is President of the Company, has been absolutely wonderful to me. I really had a problem with the sight of bugs and I surely hate to see them in my home. Whenever I see a bug, I assume there is more where they came from and I call Ira. He comes immediately and just takes my problems very seriously. I know I have “pestered” Ira so many times because, of course, here in Florida what do you expect. Ira just solves the problem no matter how many times he comes to my house. He’s very conscious and efficient about his work and besides all that, he is a very understanding and patient man. I do not know what I would have done without Ira. I have recommended him to everyone that wants a bug-free home. He just knows the business and I can’t ask for anything more than that.”

– Laura From Tamarac

Cockaroach“Just wanted to let you know that you were right and your treatment worked. I have not seen an ant in my kitchen in weeks.”

– Ali From Weston

“Your company is one in a thousand. You came when you said you would and your tech was great. He secured all the openings in our garage and we have not seen any more rodent droppings since.

– Julie from Parkland

“Since I relocated to Florida 15 years ago, I’ve had 5 different landscapers, 4 different pool service companies, but only ONE pest control company. I think that speaks for itself. Thank you for all the great years of service.”

– Maria from Coral Springs

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