Do Mosquitoes Really Ever Go Away?

You may be surprised to learn that mosquitoes are always hanging around, even in the winter months. It’s likely, however, that we won’t see them in December and January – with the exception of those unseasonably warm Florida days. Many mosquitoes make it through the winter months by remaining in the larval stage. Female mosquitoes READ MORE

Fruit Flies

Do you have fruit flies in your home or yard? Here are some tips to eliminate and prevent fruit flies: Keep your garbage bins and sink drains clean Wipe your counters Put produce in the refrigerator Outside, clean up debris from fruit. You don’t want anything fermenting. Receive one free month of pest control service READ MORE

Happy Holidays

As we enter our 28th year, we would like to express our appreciation to you, our valued customer, for your confidence in our services. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to growing our business relationship in the years to come. Thank you for choosing Life Cycle as your pest control company. We READ MORE

Yellow-Banded Millipede Season

  This time of year, you may be seeing Yellow-Banded Millipedes in your home, so we’d like to share some information about them with you. Yellow-Banded Millipedes are not insects but are myriapods. The word “millipede” refers to the appearance of having a thousand legs. Millipedes are elongate, cylindrical with many body segments and legs. Most of READ MORE

Refer a Friend Bonus

  Refer a neighbor, friend or family member. If we sign up a new customer you referred to us, you will be entitled to receive one free visit! Contact us for further details. Thank you for your referrals. Sincerely, Ira, Jamie, Lincoln, Ryan, Peter, Orlando & Jon Life Cycle Pest Control (954) 385-2888 (888) 932-2849 READ MORE