Happy Holidays

As we enter our 29th year, we would like to express our appreciation to you, our valued customer, for your confidence in our services. We wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to growing our business relationship in the years to come. Thank you for choosing Life Cycle as your pest control company. We

Plaster Bag Worms

These worms feed on your wool and silk. The plaster bagworm is a small larva that creates a case from silk and debris, like soil, lint and paint fragments to help camouflage the case. This protects it from predators as it matures inside. Plaster bagworms are also known by the name household casebearer.  Plaster bagworms

Mosquito Control Tips

Worldwide, mosquito-born diseases kill more people than any other single factor. Dispose of any tires. Tires can breed thousands of mosquitoes. Drill holes in the bottom of recycling containers. Clear roof gutters of debris. Clean pet water dishes regularly. Check and empty children’s toys. Repair leaky outdoor faucets. Change the water in bird baths at

Dengue Fever in Broward & Dade

The Florida Department of Health confirmed a case of dengue in a Broward County on Friday and issued a health advisory for all residents. The type of mosquito that can carry dengue is usually found around homes and bites at all hours of the day and night. The symptoms of dengue fever are usually mild.

Time to Cut Back on Sprinklers

We can control our sprinklers, but we can’t control the rain.  Rainy season is here. It’s time to start cutting back on your sprinklers. Remember, when it comes to watering your lawn, ”LESS IS BETTER.” Over-watering creates more weeds and brown spots, leading to fungus. When fungus spreads, it distresses your lawn and makes it

Mosquito Season is Here

As we all know, when the summer season approaches, it brings high humidity, lots of rain and nasty mosquitoes. We can’t do anything about the first two, but when it comes to mosquitoes, we can help. Our mosquito misting system will not only reduce the mosquito population in and around your home, but will help

How to Eliminate Fruit Flies

Have you ever come home in the evening to be greeted by a flying speck taking off from a kitchen counter or patio?  More than likely, you’re being visited by fruit flies.  They’re opportunistic little buggers that are there one day and gone the next. Here are some tips to eliminate and prevent them: Keep

New Pest Control Services

Spring is in the air! We’ve added a few new services. If we can help you, let us know! Thank you for recommending us to your friends and neighbors. Sincerely, Ira & the Lifecycle Teamwww.lifecyclepest.com(954) 385-2888

Do Mosquitoes Really Ever Go Away?

You may be surprised to learn that mosquitoes are always hanging around, even in the winter months. It’s likely, however, that we won’t see them in December and January – with the exception of those unseasonably warm Florida days. Many mosquitoes make it through the winter months by remaining in the larval stage. Female mosquitoes

Fruit Flies

Do you have fruit flies in your home or yard? Here are some tips to eliminate and prevent fruit flies: Keep your garbage bins and sink drains clean Wipe your counters Put produce in the refrigerator Outside, clean up debris from fruit. You don’t want anything fermenting. Receive one free month of pest control service