Rainy Season Pest Invaders


Every rainy season in South Florida brings an increase in insect activity. This is mostly due to the heavy downpours that disturb the trees as well as the landscape itself. Aside from ants, Palmetto Bugs (the same species as cockroaches) are one of the most prevalent insect invaders this time of year.

Main Points of Entry:

  1. Attics. Palmettos have wings. Attics and crawl spaces are easy to reach and provide a perfect dark, damp and humid environment.
  2. Sinks, tubs and shower drains are a good point of entry, especially if they are not clean or if there are leaky faucets. Food should not be left in garbage disposals.
  3. Garages are a favorite entry for several reasons. Garage doors do not have a good rubber seal when the doors are closed. Garbage and recycling bins are not cleaned periodically. Palmettos find openings around pipes and hot water heaters. Cluttered storage on the garage floor provides hiding spaces. 
  4. Fireplaces. If you have a fireplace, the flue should be closed if fireplace is not in use.

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