Lawn & Ornamental Fertilization

As homeowners we all strive to have the perfect lawn. In order to achieve this it takes a joint effort between homeowner, pest control technician, and gardener. To maintain a lawn is like an art, it needs adequate water but not too much and not too little. The grass needs to be trimmed to the accurate length, along with surrounding trees and hedges to allow sunlight and growth. Also the grass should be treated regularly with insecticide and fungicide to help prevent insects and fungus in the soil. And finally the grass should be fed regularly with fertilizer to help give the grass essential nutrients in order to grow green and thick. A healthy fertilized lawn is less likely to have weeds and disease. Here at Lifecycle Pest Control, we fertilize on a quarterly basis. If you’re looking to achieve the perfect lawn that the whole neighborhood will be sure to comment on, give us a call.

Lawn Fertilization, Before & After