Spring is Coming

Lawn Watering

Very few things are predictable in South Florida, but one thing that’s inevitable is the heat and rain. Spring is almost here so that means the heat and rain are on their way. Below are a few tips to make sure we are not inviting unwanted pests this spring. 

TRIMMED TREES AND SHRUBBERY:  Heat and water are known to drive pests inside. Keeping trees and shrubbery trimmed off the house will limit the amount of access these pests have to your home.

OVER-WATERING:  Make sure to cut back your sprinkler schedule to ensure you’re not over-watering your lawn. Over-watering a lawn can bring an abundance of unwanted problems including weeds and chinch bugs.  Saint Augustine grass only requires about 1 ½ inches of water per week which would be equivalent to running your sprinklers twice a week. With that said you always have to factor in the rain fall, so if we get 1 ½ inches of rain in a given week then we don’t have to water our lawn that week.

Following some of these simple tips will better help ensure a pest free spring. If you have questions, please give us a call at (954) 385-2888. You can earn referral rewards by recommending us to your family and friends or by posting a positive online review. Learn more. Thank you!


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