Lawn Pests

“You’ve seen it; a dry patch on your lawn.  It starts out small but grows noticeably.  It’s in a part of the lawn that gets abundant sunshine and it’s like a sore spot that you see every time you pull into your driveway.  It looks like it needs water so you add water (or ask your lawn people to) but watering doesn’t help.  In fact, it seems like the more water you add the more the dry spot spreads.  That lush green carpet you’ve been trying to cultivate is starting to look like a South Dakota prairie.  The culprit is more than likely Chinch Bugs, small black insects with white, diamond-shaped patches on their wings.  When first noticed an application of a labeled insecticide can take care of the bugs, but act quickly before the bugs take care of your lawn. Since this is South Florida where bad things multiply quickly, those are not the only pests that treat our lawns as buffets:  Grubs show up mainly in spring and eat the roots, allowing the grass to be pulled easily from the soil; Sob Web Worms are a pest for newly established lawns and make the new sod look, well.  .  .  crappy, affecting density, color, and uniform blade height; Mole Crickets happily burrow and tunnel underneath lawns in all directions enjoying their meal of fresh, delicious grass as they go and leaving small mounds of soil behind. These are some of the pests common to South Florida lawns but there are also fungi that can also cause lawn damage.  The board thanks Ira Roth, Life Cycle Pest Control for furnishing the above information (which was shamelessly revamped) and for taking care of the common areas of the community (he also lives here).”

Henry Mead
Tequesta Homeowner’s association

15 Years of Residential Service

“I started using Lifecycle Pest Control fifteen years ago when we purchased our new home and was a very wise decision. Ira Roth, who is President of the Company, has been absolutely wonderful to me. I really had a problem with the sight of bugs and I surely hate to see them in my home. Whenever I see a bug, I assume there is more where they came from and I call Ira. He comes immediately and just takes my problems very seriously. I know I have “pestered” Ira so many times because, of course, here in Florida what do you expect. Ira just solves the problem no matter how many times he comes to my house. He’s very conscious and efficient about his work and besides all that, he is a very understanding and patient man. I do not know what I would have done without Ira. I have recommended him to everyone that wants a bug-free home. He just knows the business and I can’t ask for anything more than that.”


Ant Treatment

“Just wanted to let you know that you were right and your treatment worked. I have not seen an ant in my kitchen in weeks.”


Rodent Proofing

“Your company is one in a thousand. You came when you said you would and your tech was great. He secured all the openings in our garage and we have not seen any more rodent droppings since.


15 Years of Service

“Since I relocated to Florida 15 years ago, I’ve had 5 different landscapers, 4 different pool service companies, but only ONE pest control company. I think that speaks for itself. Thank you for all the great years of service.”