Weevils are pantry pests. They are small beetles (brown and smaller than a lady bug) with chewing mouth parts. They begin their journey in the fields before certain foods are processed. Foods like rice, flour, pasta and sometimes pet foods are most susceptible. By the time the food is in your pantry, the weevil has matured and will start to chew through the packaging. They have a very short life span but they multiply very quickly.

Because we are talking about food, you obviously cannot spray any chemicals. What you need to do is go through all the food in your pantry until you find the infested package and dispose of it immediately. Normally the infestation began from one specific food product and will not spread to others. If you want to be certain you found the problem, place similar foods, excluding cans & jars into a zip lock bag. The weevils will chew through the original packaging but not through the zip lock bag. Vacuum and or wipe out the remaining bugs and you’re done.

As an added bonus, you can return the infested food to the place of purchase for a refund.