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Lawn Watering

Don’t Be a Lawn Watering Dummy

People water too much, too often, at the wrong times, and the wrong way. Not only does this waste a valuable and increasingly scarce resource, it also makes your lawn look worse by increasing disease, insect, and thatch problems, as well as brown spot fungus and weeds. Using Sprinklers when it’s Raining. Most people are

Common Lawn Problems for St. Augustine Grass

Does your lawn look it’s best? Here are some common lawn problems found in Florida’s St. Augustine Grass that can be addressed with pest control services. Brown Patch Fungus: This is a cool-weather disease that doesn’t show up until late September or October, and mainly after the first fall rains. It is a leaf disease

It’s Time to Inspect Your Attic

Your attic is a major part of your home. It is a hot, dark humid environment. It’s also a place we like to store or save certain items of value, sentimental or otherwise.   The square footage of a crawl space of a home in Florida is similar to the square footage of a basement

yellow banded millipede

Yellow-Banded Millipede Season

  This time of year, you may be seeing Yellow-Banded Millipedes in your home, so we’d like to share some information about them with you. Yellow-Banded Millipedes are not insects but are myriapods. The word “millipede” refers to the appearance of having a thousand legs. Millipedes are elongate, cylindrical with many body segments and legs. Most of

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Misting System

As we all know, when the Summer season approaches, it brings high humidity, lots of rain and nasty mosquitoes. We can’t do anything about the first two, but when it comes to mosquitoes, we can help. Our Mosquito misting system will not only reduce the mosquito population in and around your home, but will help

Refer a Friend Bonus

  Refer a neighbor, friend or family member. If we sign up a new customer you referred to us, you will be entitled to receive one free visit! Contact us for further details. Thank you for your referrals. Sincerely, Ira, Jamie, Lincoln, Ryan, Peter, Orlando & Jon Life Cycle Pest Control (954) 385-2888 (888) 932-2849

Ants in the Kitchen

Ants in the Kitchen – Don’t Spray – BAIT

Do you have ants in your kitchen? Don’t spray – BAIT! The ants that you see are worker ants. Their job is to find food and take it back to the queen and her young, who are being groomed as the next generation of worker ants. Because of this, these worker ants are your ticket

Pantry Beetles

Pantry Pests Fact Sheet

Pantry Pests Fact Sheet Stored-product pests are usually brought into the home in an infested package of food. Initially, infestations are easy to overlook because the insects are quite small, especially in the egg and larval stages. Often the first indication of the infestation is the appearance of small moths flying about or the presence of


Simple Prevention Tips You Can Do Today to get Rid of Ants

If you have never encountered ants in your home or office, count yourself among the lucky few. But if you’re like most people, you’ve fought off your share of battles against these annoying pest, whether it’s a nest of pavement ants in your garage or a parade of odorous house ants marching across your kitchen

Do Mosquitoes Really Ever Go Away?

Do Mosquitoes Really Ever Go Away? The quick answer: no. You may be surprised to learn that mosquitoes are always hanging around, even in the winter months. It’s likely, however, that we won’t see them in December and January – with the exception of those unseasonably warm Florida days. Many mosquitoes make it through the

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